I’m lucky in that I have a spare bedroom which I’ve turned into an office.  I try to write every morning for about two hours and as you can see by the picture I love everything costal, in particular, Florida. So I painted the room a light sea blue, and there are flamingos everywhere. I started collecting the flamingos when I was writing a contemporary about a fictional town called Flamingo Heights.  That small brown comforter covers a small chair for my little dog Bentley, who loves to sit with me. Of course wants to sit on my lap but he’s adapted to the alternative, his little spot which is right by me. I also have two bulletin boards plastered with pics as inspiration for my current WIP. One of them (not pictured) is a magnetized surfboard.I’ve found I need background noise to write so I have a radio or iPod going. When I’m editing the iPod is blaring out my playlist of music I made specific for my story. Don’t you just love the iPod? How did we ever live without it? <g> Every once in a while I’ll have a candle burning too but most of the time I write before heading off to work so the candle is reserved for the weekends.Strangely enough I’ve found some of the best place to write in public spaces like Starbucks or doctors offices. Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s because I can’t do anything but write. Go figure.Long gone is my desk top computer. I traded that in for a laptop with a docking station and a back up hard drive. I don’t keep paper around either. Everything regarding my WIP or future works is on spreadsheets. I’ve even scanned some of my favorite reference books into the computer and saved them as PDFs. I learned a while back, when I was forced to clean out my closet in search of an elusive piece of paper that was important then, that stacks of paper and sticky notes were not my friend. I lost precious writing time, and almost scraped a story in the process. That simplification process took about a month but it was worth it.  So where is the best place for you to write? Have you made over a room? Maybe you have a favorite comfy chair instead? Or perhaps you can’t write in your house. Where do you go?